Could This Be A Sign?

Lawrence Simon (of File 13’s Amish Tech Support fame) says that the
breaking of a dam in Syria
is a sign…

I don’t know what Yahweh has in the back of his vicious mind for you scumbags, but I’m sure that the last one’ll be a bitch. You can count on it. With all new Modern Plagues of Jehovah, folks, people will be asking "Syria? What’s a Syria? Is that some sort of new breakfast food or something? Wasn’t that a boy-band in 2010?"

God made a mistake leaving enough of Pharaoh’s legion of Egyptian-assholes around to kick his Chosen People around through the centuries. He won’t make that same mistake twice.

You know, part of me really wants to see that kind of stuff happen. An angel of death visiting the Saudi royal family and killing them in the night in unspeakably horrible ways appeals to me in a primal sort of way. Watching Yassir Arafat suffer from Spontaneous Human Explosion for all the innocent civilian’s he’s bombed would be divine irony at its highest. A nice little series of plagues that wipes out the Islamofascists and leaves those Muslims who don’t believe in suicide attacks and violent jihad would certainly make this a much safer world.Well, if we can’t have divine intervention, I hear that the US Special Forces could do a pretty good job themselves…