White House Says No To Arafat Exile

The White House has put forth a policy that
exiling Yassir Arafat won’t help the peace process
. So leaving one of the biggest impediments to peace in place is someone going to be more constructive? This is idiocy to the extreme.

White House spokesman Sean McCormack agreed. "I don’t think exiling Arafat solves anything," he said. "The issue is building Palestinian institutions and in the process, bringing the Palestinian people into the building of these institutions."

If that’s the goal, leaving Arafat in power is about the dumbest thing you could do. Arafat doesn’t give a shit about the Palestinian people. He’s willing to use them as human munitions and send them to kill civilians! What in the hell would make the White House think that he gives a flying fuck about building Palestinian institutions?! Has anyone heard Yassir talking about building anything other than an Israeli body count? That’s the entirety of this man’s twisted thinking.

He doesn’t want to "build Palestinian institutions" because if he did, the Palestinians might not want to kill Jews anymore. He wants the Palestinians oppressed and downtrodden so that he has a large stock of willing suicide bombers. If he wanted to build institutions he could have done so years ago. He hasn’t, and he sure as hell won’t in the future.

This policy is flat out, completely, and irrecoverably wrong. It’s a cop out and a capitulation to terror, and all those involved in creating it should be removed from government service. Any momentum we had in the war against terrorism is now lost because we’re unwilling to act. Unfortunately, it looks like it will take another September 11 to give the State Department enough balls to do so.