The Cult of Death

Yet more distubing signs from the Palestinian Authority, this time in the form of
children who are being taught to idolize "martyrs" who murder Israeli civilians
. It’s things like these that prevent any real peace from being achieved. As long as the Palestinians continue to place death and destruction above peace, they will only have death and destruction.

The Palestinians have essentially endorsed the most violent and destructive form of Leftism espoused by Franz Fanon. Fanon wrote a book called The Wretched of the Earth that created this concept that true liberation only comes through acts of violence against those viewed to be "oppressors". Fanon’s book was the ideological motivation for many revolutionary groups who used violence against others in their quest for "liberation". Yet never has the philosophy produced anything but bloodshed on both sides. Just one look at the African revolutions inspired by Fanon’s ideas shows just how pointless and futile his philosophies are.

Now, the Palestinians appear to be playing by the same playbook, encouraging more and more "martyrdom operations" and teaching children how wonderful it is to die for their cause, especially if you can take some Jews with you. In the end, this kind of death fetishism will only serve to kill not only the Palestinians chances of living in peace, but many of the Palestinians themselves.

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