The French Farce Redux

The New York Times has another article on the French bestseller L’Effroyable Imposture, or "The Horrifying Fraud" that claims that September 11 was a conspiracy arranged by right-wingers to create a war in Afghanistan. This book has become a best-seller in France.

Thankfully, there are a few in France who aren’t buying this load of crap. Two French journalists Guillaume Dasquié and Jean Guisnel have created a rebuttal to that book entitled L’Effroyable Mensonge or "The Horrifying Lie" that throughly eviscerates the arguments of "Fraud" author Thierry Meyssan.

Why would the French lap up this rediculous conspiracy story? Dasquié and Guisnel have their own theory:

Guillaume Dasquié and Jean Guisnel, the authors of "The Horrifying Lie," favor a different explanation for the book’s success. They write of France’s "profound social and political sickness," which leads people to embrace the idea "that they are victims of plots, that the truth is hidden from them, that they should not believe official versions, but rather that they should demystify all expressions of power, whatever they might be."

College students from the past thirty years should recognize that last phrase. It sounds like leftist idol philosopher Michel Foucault, who was one of the founders of the modern Deconstructionist movement and encouraged the kind of moral relativism that we see today as a pathology of the left. It appears as though the French have bought into Foucault’s ideas of secretive and oppressive power structures a little too closely.

Luckily even some of the rabidly left-wing French writers and newspapers have debunked Meyssan’s conspiracy theories. But the fact that such garbage can obtain such a wide audience in a country that is ostensibly America’s ally is certainly a cause for worry.

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