No Hiding Place

The Israelis have
destroyed the Hamas headquarters in the city of Hebron
after a group of Palestinian militants refused to surrender themselves to the IDF. It’s clear that the Israelis are no longer going to allow the kind of cat-and-mouse games of the past. Hopefully this will send a message to the rest of the terrorist groups operating out of Palestine.

It’s clear that the days of attempting to appease terrorism is over; President Bush’s speech has made that clear. Israel is finally clear to do what it has needed to do for a long time – clear out as many of the terrorists as it can, wherever they may be hiding. It will be a daunting task, but it is clear that Israel has the will to see it through.

Still, the ultimate end game of this should be to remove terrorist elements from the Palestinian Authority and help moderate and democratic elements gain power. Just removing the terrorists isn’t enough, it’s like removing a tumor without bothering to make sure that it does not re-grow. What needs to happen is for their to be someone willing to lead the Palestinians to something better than what Arafat, Hamas, and the Islamofascists have given them. Who that person may be or how they will be found, unfortunately, is anyone’s guess.

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