France Update

The Washington Post has
more reactions to the French Ambassador’s editorial of last week
. (The original with my comment can be found here.) The reaction is pretty negative, pointing out a lot of the very real anti-American bias to be found in the French media and society.

France is in a lot of trouble these days, part of which stems from the fact that they’ve been mired in their colonial guilt from Algeria, another part coming from a government who is far too unaccountable to the people, and a lot coming from years of failing socialist policy. What France really needs is a dynamic social leader who can give the country a swift kick in the pants. Unfortunately, it’s probably going to take the kind of massive disruptions like the English strikes of the late 70s/early 80 that help Thatcher gain power before that happens. Until then, there are only a handful of reformers who are trying to lead France out of their socialist stagnation and back to becoming a worldwide economic powerhouse.

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