The Cracks Begin To Show

Nearly 4000 angry Palestinians have marched on Yasser Arafat’s compound demanding that Arafat start working to ease their inability to find food for their families.

In Gaza City, about 4,000 Palestinians marched on Yasser Arafat’s headquarters, complaining that Arafat has been unable to ease the economic hardships that have accompanied 21 months of conflict. Some attached pitta bread to their signs, a symbol of their struggle for daily bread. Up to now, Palestinians have blamed Israel for their difficulties, noting the Israeli roadblocks and restrictions that have crippled the Palestinian economy.

There’s a reason why Arafat hasn’t done anything for the Palestinian economy: because he doesn’t care about the economy. The only thing that Yasser Arafat care about is killing Jews and destroying Israel. He’s had every chance to build the kind of infrastructure his people deserve, but he has chosen to persue the path of terrorism rather than leadership. It’s time that the Palestinians realized this, and it looks like they are beginning to do just that.

This also seems to be an indication that if or when the Palestinians have a free election, Arafat may not be the shoo-in that some think he is…

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