Real American Hero

Imagine giving up $3.6 million a year to train for the Army Rangers, which would pay only $18,000 a year – if you make it in.
One person is doing exactly that
. NFL player Pat Tillman gave up his contract to the NFL to train for the Rangers special operations force.

In an age where baseball players are behaving like spoiled children and the league’s owners and commissioner aren’t much better, it’s refreshing to see a sports star get his priorities straight and realize that money isn’t the only thing that matters in this world. Good luck and godspeed, Mr. Tillman, America needs more like you.

EDIT: Thanks to reader Nicq MacDonald for catching my unfortunate typo…

One thought on “Real American Hero

  1. Slight error…. I think you meant to say “money is not the only thing that matters in this world”. Otherwise, the paragraph doesn’t make any sense at all… 😉

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