Rest In Peace

The names of the victims of the LAX shootings
have been released
. A man leaving his pregnant wife behind, a beautiful young woman who was soon to be married. Two lives that were cut far too short by an act of hatred and terrorism. No matter what the FBI says, this was a terrorist act committed by a man who was filled with the hate spread by a group of evil fanatics.

This is the enemy we face. An enemy who would strike down the innocent without a shred of human compassion. An enemy who would open fire in a crowded terminal, hoping to kill some Jews. An enemy who has been permeated with a hatred centuries old.

How many more need die before we drop the platitudes about the enemy we face? How many more fathers, daughters, sons, mothers, and sisters must go to their loved ones grave and make their final goodbyes before we say "enough?"

There is evil in this world, and if we dare not falter in opposing it. If you have any doubts about that, try staring at the photographs of the innocent dead.

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