A Ray Of Light In The Arab World

King Abdullah of Jordan is allowing the US to use Jordanian soil to attack Iraq. Jordan is a rarity in the Arab world, a nation that is striving for a more progressive state and attempting to embrace modernity. King Abdullah, who was educated in the West (and even had a cameo appearance on Star Trek: Voyager) is one of the more reasonable and porgressive Arab world leaders. His wife, Queen Rania, is a tireless worker for the rights of women in the Arab world, as well as being a well-educated and well-spoken advocate for her people.

Actions like this should be rewarded handsomely. King Abdullah is taking a risk in a country where anti-American sentiment runs high. He’s made the right choice in supporting the US coalition against Jordan’s unstable and dangerous Iraqi neighbor, and the United States is fortunate that there’s at least one Arab nation that is willing to stand against terror and back it up with real action.

EDIT: It looks like the agreement is to use Jordanian terrority only for "defensive and humanitarian operations." Of couse, that could be construed as operations designed to take out Saddam’s SAM sites and other necessary defensive measure…

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