Conservatives Can Eat Granola Too

Rod Dreher has a great piece in NRO on what he calls "granola conservatives", or conservatives who tend to engage in activities that are stereotyped as being anything but conservative.

Dreher’s points about conservatives who like organic produce and liberals who home-school their kids proves that lliberals and conservatives, outside of politics, are quite a lot closer than it might appear. In some ways, conservatives and members of the counterculture share a healthy skepticism towards power, a belief in things that transcend the ordinary, and a respect for authenticity. While these two groups may seem as different as night and day, the things they share often can be surprising.

One thought on “Conservatives Can Eat Granola Too

  1. Yes, you can have it all…

    … also, I’ve been noticing a slight shift to the right among counterculturalists lately… Ken Wilber and the Integralists are looking especially rightist these days, as are most Transhumanists. I still can’t decide quite where I stand though.

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