Avoiding Bad Blogging

Brendan O’Neill has a piece
with some very pointed criticisms of blogging
. Some of his criticisms are on target, and he gives five basic tips for better blogging.

Those five points are good ones for any kind of writing. Blogging is a literary art, and the best bloggers are almost universally the best writers. Things like typos, grammatical mistakes, and bad usage stand out. Granted, with the stream-of-consciousness style of blogging, some mistakes will get through. Still,
every blogger should try to follow those five simple rules and constantly work to improve their writing style.

3 thoughts on “Avoiding Bad Blogging

  1. Good article. I’ll have to keep it in mind in case I ever start a blog. (Hmm… just found out the URL I’d want isn’t taken… now I just need to get broadband, a static IP, and a clue…)

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  3. Hmm… good deal. If I don’t get a new computer before this winter, I might just consider using their service. Thanks for the reference.

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