Dept. Of Not Gonna Happen

Saddam Hussein is telling his peope that Iraq will defeat the United States if the US were to attack.

Um, yeah, right. That’s what the Taliban said too. We handily defeated the Iraqis last time, and we didn’t have things like Predator spy drones to give us real-time intelligence. It would take less than 24 hours to establish complete air superiority. Our Predators could target and destroy Scud launchers with Hellfire missles long before they had a chance to launch.

Saddam also said:

Let all know that principles, higher interests and national security can only be preserved by high sacrifices.

Translation: I’ll do the flying, and you’ll do the dying… suckers…

One thought on “Dept. Of Not Gonna Happen

  1. I think that the US ought to send the E! Channel satellite truck over there to see if they can get the Iraqi troops to surrender to the most pathetic on-the-spot news operation imaginable.

    Nothing like dropping your rifle, putting your hands up, and Joan Rivers shrieking “Can we talk?”

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