Another Reason To Be Thankful For President Bush

This comes from a speech President Bush made at Ft. Drum for the 10th Mountain Division. (The transcript has the most occurances of the word "hooah" I’ve ever seen in one document…):

You might have heard about a treaty that would place American troops under the jurisdiction of something called the International Criminal Court. The United States cooperates with many other nations to keep the peace, but we will not submit American troops to prosecutors and judges whose jurisdiction we do not accept.

Our nation expects and enforces the highest standards of honor and conduct in our military. That’s how you were trained. That’s what we expect. Every person who serves under the American flag will answer to his or her own superiors and to military law, not to the rulings of an unaccountable international criminal court.

It’s refreshing to have a President with principles that speaks his own mind.

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