Take Your Best Shot

That’s what the Republicans should be saying the Democrats about their attacks on Social Security privatization. A Zogby poll finds a majority of people still support the idea. It’s no surprise, considering that the Social Security Trust Fund belongs in the Great Financial Myths category with Enron and WorldComs profits. In fact, the Social Security scam is even worse, because the entire system is a giant Ponzi scheme.

Even with today’s Wall Street doldrums, the overall performance of the US economy is one of steady growth. Allowing people to invest a small portion of their Social Security money into the market is still far better than giving them the lie that Social Security is solvent. I’d take the bulls and the bears rather than take the bull(shit) that is Social Security. No wonder 63.3% of those polled said that "The Enron scandal proves that people need more choice and more control over their retirement savings, including allowing workers the option to invest part of their Social Security taxes in a personal retirement account." If anything, these business scandals make the Republicans point about Social Security, and the GOP should not back down from their strong pro-privatization stance of 2000.

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