And The Problem Is?

Environmentalists are now complaining about the
1 in 70 million chance of a volcano disrupting Yucca Mountain
and spewing radioactive waste all over the desert.

The sheer stupidity over Yucca Mountain is astonishing. Unless the environmentalists get their way, in 1000 years we should easily be able to launch all the waste into deep space where it won’t make a difference, no less 10 or 100 thousand years. The chances of anything happening before we have the technology to easily deal with it are astronomically slim. So instead, the environmentalist movement keeps dealing with doomsday scenarios that are as likely as winning the lottery while getting struck by lightning while in flagrante delicto with an ambidextrous supermodel from Zambia. In other words, not bloody likely.

Then again, the environmental movement feeds off the stigma and the ignorance of all things nuclear, which gives them far too much credibility in the minds of far too many people.

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