Justified Response

The last attack by Palestinian bombers claimed the lives of five American students. A total of 14 Americans have been killed in the Palestinian uprisings since September 2000.

This isn’t just Israel’s war – it’s ours too.

I’m beginning to agree with John Derbyshire:

These savages are laughing at us. We should put the fear of Almighty God into them. Then, we should kill them all, along with everyone known to have shaken hands with them or given them a light for a cigarette. If we don’t have the guts to do this–to avenge our own slaughtered citizens–let’s engage proxies to do it for us. Yes, I am mad. Are we ever going to deal with these scum, these murderers of Americans? Do we actually have any plan to do so?

The Palestinian reaction to the attack? Massive celebrations in the streets. Are we really to believe a people that are supposed to want peace would do such a thing. It is a clear that the Palestinians are only motivated by a desire to spill Jewish blood. I had been giving the Palestinians the benefit of the doubt, but this last incident has erased any shred of compassion I once had for these people.

It’s time for Israel to do what it must. If that means wiping out every single member of Hamas one by one and shelling every major Palestinian city into dust, then that’s what must be done. It is clear that the Palestinians have made their choice, and they have chosen the way of terror. It is a choice that they will regret forever.

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