Fairweather Friends

The Europeans have been
expressing deep reservations about an attack against Iraq
. German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder has stated that he will not support any military action against Iraq. Even the British and Italians, both of whom have been rather staunch allies of America have begun to balk at the idea of an attack on Hussein’s regime.

It seems that the Europeans are still desperately grasping the last tatters of the post-September 11 world. They still think that international committees and UN mandates mean anything to terorist nations. They haven’t quite grasped the fact that the UN and other international bodies have absolutely no meaning to the war on terror. The enemy does not care about UN mandates, sanctions, or harsh condemnations from Kofi Annan.

That world no longer exists.

This world is one in which groups like al-Qaeda and Hamas don’t care about the traditional rules of war. They’re willing to do whatever they can to kill anyone who disagree with their visions of a worldwide Islamic theocracy. Hussein is willing to fund and equip them, and has the capacity to supply them with biological, chemical, and nuclear weapons. The threat is clear, and our European allies are blind if they can’t see it.

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