The Coming Storm In Iran

Glenn Frazier reports on
demonstrations by pro-democracy groups in Iran
. The mainstream media doesn’t seem to be discussing these movements at all, which is highly unfortunate, as these groups need the support of the American people at this tumultous times. At this moment, the pro-democracy activists have not yet been able to contact the outside world to let us all know what has happened. The Iranian mullahs have been forced to hire outside mercenaries to keep the Iranian people under their thumb, and violent clashes have already taken place.

It looks like the press is completely missing what could be one of the most important news stories of the year – the fall of the Iranian theocracy and the restoration of Iranian democracy. It was done in the Czech Republic under Vaclav Havel, it was done in Serbia under Kostunica, and fate willing, these brave activists will do it in Iran.

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