As Likely As Ice Cream In Hell

Saddam Hussein is saying that any attack against Iraq will lead to the attackers to "die in disgraceful failure". It’s clear that Hussein is deluded in the extreme. Hussein doesn’t have the ability to knock down the fleets of B-1, B-2, and B-52 bombers that would rain down ordnance on his military. The Iraqi Army will surrender en masse just as they did in the last war. We have Predator reconaissance drones thst could intercept and destroy Scud launchers before they could be readied to fire. Even without Saudi Arabia, we can still weaken Iraqi defenses enough to send in Special Forces troops to remove Hussein from power. We have the best logistical support systems in the world, and the best fighting force ever created. If Hussein really thinks his antiquated Soviet equipment can beat a force with total air superiority and the latest military hardware, he’s got more than a few screws loose.

In other words, our response to Saddam should be "bring it on!"

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