Got Norm?

The Rittenhouse Review is
shilling for US Senate candidate Paul Wellfare… err Wellstone
in the Minnesota Senate race. Being a Minnesotan, I feel rather obligated to remind my readers that they can help kick Wellstone out of the Senate by visiting the Norm Coleman for Senate webpage and also making a contribution.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Norm Coleman several times, and he’s an energetic, insightful, and generally all-around nice guy. He was a Democrat who watched as his party embraced anti-growth policies that led him to become a member of the GOP. His record as Mayor of Minnesota’s capitol city of St. Paul proves his credentials as a leader who can get things done.

Paul Wellstone, by comparison, is a shrill, partisan, and embittered crusader who has made a career out of blocking every bill that comes across his desk. He was one of the few in the Senate who voted against welfare reform, and has consistantly voted against pay raises for American servicemen and women. He’s been a radical leftist voice in the wilderness that has done little for Minnesota.

The Rittenhouse Review may think that Wellstone represents them, but for the vast majority of Minnesotans, Wellstone represents the views of the leftist elite that continues to pour vast amounts of money into his campaign. As much as I dislike using this site for candidate advocacy, it’s clear that Minnesotans like myself deserve a Senator who will represent Minnesota, not Hollywood leftists. That’s why I’m voting for Norm Coleman.

5 thoughts on “Got Norm?

  1. I’d like to send a small contribution to Norm Coleman for Senator and also tell him to start running some ad with empathy for the Wellstones and then positives about himself. I’m from Missouri and we got Jean Carnahan because of the sympathy vote and John Ashcroft was the “nice guy”. Please have Norm keep his ads running since Wellstone’s ad (i.e., the DNC) started running again this afternoon, 10/26/02 in Minnesota. This is just 24 hrs. after Paul Wellstone’s death. The Dems will do anything to get elected!

  2. I hope as soon as Walter Mondale announces that he will accept Democratic candidacy for US Senator, Norm Coleman will immediately demand 2 debates with the first being on this Thursday and another over the weekend with both to be shown on C-SPAN…..

    Did anyone take note of the fact that Jim Talent’s father died over the weekend, and Talent, Missouri Republican candidate for US Senate, had to cancel out talk show yesterday over local radio station yesterday over KRMS—Lake of the Ozarks, Mo. ….Carl Rogers, Jr.

  3. I just wanted to add a bit of commentary from the young people in Minnesota. As a highschooler in Minneapolis I was appalled by the ignorence in what you just said in your websight. Paul Wellstone was the most hardworking self respecting man ever to be in our senate. When you say that he is an embittered crusader that does not represent Minn. I hope that it’s just your ignorance speaking. Paul Wellstone has supported the good of all people not just the wealthy for many years. As a socially conscious teen, i know that I’m not alone “so watch out in the future!”. Wellstone had every vote in our school wide ballot except for 7. Thank you, and please post this in your commentary section.

  4. Collin: I draw a distinction between Wellstone the man and Wellstone the politician.

    One of the themes I hit on frequently on this site is that the more "socially conscious" a policy is often the worse its unintended effects may be. Wellstone supported a lot of policies that wouldn’t have hurt the just the "wealthy", but a lot of hardworking Americans who don’t need more taxes placed upon them.

    It’s easy for a high school student to want to vote for someone like Wellstone. I suspect when a lot of you go out into the real world and see what the government takes out of their paycheck each month, they’ll see that there’s no such thing as a free lunch. All the "progressive" movement would really do is take money from people who are hardworking and productive and give it to people who aren’t. Handouts only make people more dependent on government, and if you’re dependent on the government for everything from food to child care you can never be truly free and you can never break the cycle of poverty.

    I encourage you to read as much as you can. Challenge your assumptions – just because everyone else votes one way doesn’t mean that it is right. Read books on conservatism – conservatism isn’t about being mean to poor people, it’s a philsophy that acknowledges that just giving people freebies doesn’t help people, it hurts the very spirit that can lift them from poverty. Maybe it won’t change your mind, but it will make you a better informed citizen.

  5. I haven’t looked at this site for a year, so I don’t know if it’s still running. I hope that you didn’t mean to sound patronizing when you said that when I went out and saw the “real” world I’d see the money that the government is taking. I feal that I’m living in the real world right now, when I go to school I’m forced to sit in a real classroom with forty other real kids. And we’re forced to cut back on programs for native spanish speakers, so real grafitti is tagged across every door. Conservatism isn’t about taking money away from the hardworking, it’s about making sure that the wealthy keep the money that they have. I know many people that are hardworking, and yet they still live below the national poverty level. When people say, they don’t deserve anything more, I say they do! What did I do to deserve to be born into a loving caring family that taught me basic values, and facts about life? Nothing. My foster brother was born into a home with a crack-addic mom, and a father who lived in Chicago. Who’s going to tell him how to do his homework, how to pay the bills, and why credit card debt can kill you. Or even more basic stuff like why health insurance is a necessity? We take this for granted, and it’s time that the world showed compassion and gave back.

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