Sayonara Saddam

Representatives from Iraqi exiles say that Saddam Hussein could be expediently removed from power if the opposition is given the ability to do so. This is very encouraging news, as that means that an operation like that in Afghanistan would be possible. A combination of US Special Forces and native opposition forces could easily sweep the Hussein regime out of power.

Of course, there’s the obligatory naysaying, including Dick Armey. The problem with his line of thinking is that Saddam isn’t behaving himself within his borders, and by the time he develops a nuclear weapon, he’ll have the ability to blackmail the rest of the world. If Armey thinks that a nuclear-armed Saddam is going to be any more congenial than a weakened Saddam, he’s obviously not looking at the situation very well. The ramifications of Saddam having a nuclear device would be bad – the ramifications of him using one, or one of his even less rational sons doing so, is horrendous beyond comprehension.

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