Nothing To See Here…

An Iraqi official has told al-Jazeera that they see no reason for further weapons inspections. Translation: Iraq is close to getting a nuclear weapon, and inspections might find it.

The Hussein regime knows that they can get by with dodging UN inspections because the European Union is so dead-set against US action in Iraq. That fundamental unwillingness to confront the Hussein regime gives Saddam more latitude to do as he wishes in the region. Because the Iraqis know that the international community is unwilling to use force to back their demands, he’s willing to flout international law.

However, the United States isn’t going to stand by and let Hussein get away with these actions. It’s clear from defectors and intelligence sources that Iraq is rebuilding their military capability, including the development of nuclear weapons. Nor are we willing to coddle the Hussein regime and ignore their support of terrorism and genocidal actions against their own people. This latest statement that there’s no weapons development in Iraq is clearly a lie, and it only shows the desperation of the Hussein regime to avoid their inevitable downfall.

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