One Giant Leap For Rodentkind

Laurence Simon notes two pieces that should scare the crap out of mosue-haters everywhere. The first talks about
scientists have created mice with increased stamina
that can run distances that would leave normal mice gasping for breath. If that we’re bad enough, scientistts have also developed mice
that have been transplanted with goat testicles and can produce viable sperm
. It could be a wonder cure for infertiility, but it’s also just damn creepy.

So when the master race of super-high-endurance mice with mutant testicles start running around, we’ll know who to blame…

(This also marks the first, and hopefully last time that the phrase "goat testicles" will be used on this site…)

3 thoughts on “One Giant Leap For Rodentkind

  1. It’s Absurd! No, It’s Insane! No, it’s Supervermin!

    I love genetic engineering and weird science as much as the next guy (probably moreso than the next guy), but that’s just too much… at least it’s not a featherless chicken or a glowing monkey… oh, wait a sec..

  2. The CNN article on humans getting language ability and skills from a genetic mutation mentioned that the research involved…


    Talking testicle-replacement enduro-mice!

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