The Reparations Lie

Many black Americans are now marching on Washington
demanding that Congress debate reparations for slavery
. The reparations debate is one that does more to harm blacks than the KKK has done for years. It is a debate that simply makes no sense. There is no way to ever conclusively tie who is responsible and who deserves the reparations.

For example, should Northern whites be responsible for reparations when the Northern economy barely benefitted at all from slavery? How will blacks prove that they are descended from slaves? These are questions that the reparations supporters have been unwilling to answer.

Financial reparation will do absolutely nothing for the black community in America. Advocates for reparations seem to think that a few dollars of government money will suddenly erase all the barriers that black Americans have faced for years. It won’t. This is just a march for another government handout. The leaders of the reparations community are lying to their supporters and lying to the American people. Reparations will do nothing for the black community except distract them from the real task of bettering their own situation.

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