Donahue’s Back. Don’t Think.

Salon has an excellent piece by a defender of video gaming and his
railroading on the new Donahue show
. The piece does a very good job of exposing the work of talk show "journalism", which is more entertainment than real substance.

Donahue is especially egregious, making Bill O’Reilly look like a church mouse in comparison. He has the air of a tent revavalist crossed with a mad scientist wrapped in self-centered righteousness. He never challenges the liberal status quo. One piece on his show featured a report that made the audacious (and incorrect) claim that our nation’s schools are more segregated now than in 1954. His guests: a liberal professor versus a poor young woman who was clearly out of her element. Not once was the clearly biased study challenged, and Donahue accepted it at face value. It was an example of media bias at its worse, and clearly showed that Donahue is nothing more than a hack, and a bad one at that.

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