Libertarians For A Free Iraq

Brink Linday has a very well-done response to the Cato Institute’s skepticism of an attack on Iraq. It proves that libertarian values are best supported by a government willing to protect them from foreign aggression.

One real gem from the article:

We call off the dogs on Iraq. We cancel the invasion, and what’s more we put an end to the no-fly zone and sanctions. Saddam thinks he’s stared us down and we blinked. So does much of the rest of the Muslim world. The flight from Beirut after the Marine barracks bombing, the flight from Somalia after "Black Hawk down, " our failure to respond effectively to the Kenya and Tanzania embassy bombings, our failure to respond at all to the Cole bombing, our failure (so far) to kill bin Laden, Mullah Omar, and most of their top henchmen — and now, on top of all that, Saddam’s survival of the Gulf War, sanctions, and another threatened invasion rounds out the image of the United States as a contemptible paper tiger. They don’t hate us any less, but they despise us all the more. Around the world, al Qaeda and similar groups are flush with new recruits.

That’s exactly why backing off is the worst thing we can do in regards to terrorism…

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