Good Grammer

It appears as though actor Kelsey Grammer has come out of the closet…

…that’s right – he’s conservative.

Actor Kelsey Grammer, a rare Republican supporter among Hollywood’s liberal elite, was in the audience Saturday as President Bush raised money for would-be GOP governor Bill Simon.

In an interview, the "Frasier" star called himself a "big fan" of the president, saying, "I think he makes a lot of sense and he’s had some clarity when it was very important."

"The thing I most respond to in the political arena is people that actually don’t play politics, and I think President Bush comes from a place that is sincere," Grammer said.

Politically, Grammer called himself "kind of a liberal," a description he agreed could apply to the snooty Seattle shrink he plays on NBC.

"But I’ve always had a very conservative respect for the individual," Grammer added.

"A very conservative respect for the individual." Now if that isn’t music to a lot of people’s ears, I don’t know what is. Not only is he a great actor, but he obviously is independent enough to break free of the stereotypical Hollywood liberal mindset. (And I have a feeling that he’s not really as liberal as he thinks – at least not in the misused modern term of the world.)

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