The Real Big Lie

The horrible French book that attempts to paint 9/11 as a government conspiracy story
will soon be appearing in US bookshelves
. No word if its under the fiction section.

Meyssan says he is prepared to travel to the United States to defend his book — but only in French, and only on live programs. He alleges that one media interview he gave on his book was edited to distort his comments.

If I were Thierry Meyssan, I wouldn’t be keen on doing a book tour for this one, and certainly not one in New York or Washington…

One thought on “The Real Big Lie

  1. What an utter, assinine, ignorant jackass this sorry excuse for a human being is. Oh, that’s right, he is a frenchman. That explains everything very clearly. The french are all cowards who have let other countries take possession of their country without a fight, leaving all of the fighting for other countries like the USA. If he even attempts to enter the US, he had better use an alias and a damned good disguise. And forget about defending his book, he wouldn’t make it off of the plane – not a single toe would ever touch US soil.

    Just like a cowardly french bastard, wait until most of the fighting is over, then spin the story to make france look good (never has worked before, why do they keep trying?). I say, next time there is a war involving france, let the bastards do their own dirty work and die like the filthy pigs that they are. the USA had better not lift a finger to ever help out france again. They should be on their own, as they have the correct answers to EVERYTHING.

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