The Backlash That Wasn’t

Thomas Bray has a piece in the WSJ OpinionJournal about the lack of backlash against Arab-Americans. The Left fully expected for vigilante groups to spring up and start lynching Arabs left and right – because they honestly feel that America is that racist. What we had were a few regrettable incidents, but no mass riots in the streets.

Bray also compares it to the period after the Oklahoma City bombing, in which President Clinton blamed conservatives like Rush Limbaugh (who had nothing to do with the bombings or the people that did them) and accuse them of creating a "culture of hate"

In the meantime, Arab extremists, some of whom are in the United States daily call for the death of Americans and Israelis, yet the Left has not a word of condemnation for it. It’s more proof that the Left regards conservatism as more of a threat than Arab militancy – an outlook which is ignorant beyond belief.

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