The Other Volunteers

The American Prospect has a typically drooling piece on the Wellstone campaign in Minnesota. As always, it’s practically an ode to the odious liberal, but there’s one part that really pisses me off:

In return for her salary, Davidson is planning a get-out-the-vote operation that is designating one coordinator for every dorm floor at every major college in the state.

Actually, that’s nothing new. The Minnesota College Republicans did exactly that in 2000, and are probably doing the same now. In fact, the Minnesota CRs are probably one of the most active and effective youth-based political groups in the country. I’ve no doubt that they will be one of the factors that will lead to Wellstone’s loss to Norm Coleman.

(Editorial Note: I am a former member of the MN College Republicans, and worked on the 2000 campaign with them. I’ll admit a little bias, but after attending several of their training seminars I can honestly say that they are an effective political organization in the state of Minnesota.)

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