Next The Pope Will Become Lutheran

I started using Mac OS 10.2 at work, and (gasp!) I’m really starting to like it. I’m not sure if it’s the quality of the Mac’s monitors (probably a factor since my monitor sucks like the event horizon of a black hole), or if it has to do with the graphics subsystem of the OS, or some combination of the two, but the graphics quality of this OS is just amazing. Jaguar really does improve the speed of the Mac UI considerably, and despite one really bad networking glitch involving the OS dying completely when I try to mount a network drive, the stability is markably improved as well.

What really hooked me was having Netscape 7 hang on my and doing a ‘kill -9’ from the console to fix the problem. Knowing that there’s a full UNIX under the hood is like meeting a supermodel quantum physicist. It’s not just great to look at, but brilliant under the skin at the same time.

There have been rumors that Apple has a working version of 10.2 for Intel machines available just in case. The PowerPC architecture isn’t keeping up, and it’s clear that Apple is facing some severe problems on the hardware end. They day Apple announces OS X for Intel, expect me to be in the front of the line to buy it.

3 thoughts on “Next The Pope Will Become Lutheran

  1. I agree… I tried OS X on a G4 Titanium PowerBook the other day- good OS, good looking machine. Now that my Compaq laptop has been declared dead by the good people at Green Eggs and RAM, I’m almost beginning to consider a Mac.

    God help me.


    Or if one of the priests were Steve Ballmer it would be "DEVELOPERS! DEVELOPERS! DEVELOPERS!"

    I gotta lay off the coffee…

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