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It has simply amazed me that there are so many people who are claiming that we shouldn’t attack Iraq because Iraq isn’t developing nuclear weapons. It’s a sad commentary that some people are so overcome with their anti-war ideology that they can’t see anything outside the narrow confines of anti-US Chomskyite ramblings.

For those who still have their doubts, I would recommend reading the book written by one of Saddam’s one bombmakers who left to warn the world of Saddam’s nuclear program. If that isn’t enough, The Scotsman has a detailed timeline and citations on Saddam’s nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons programs. Included among them are statements from the head of the German Federal Intelligence Service, August Hanning, who indicated thst Saddam is three years away from making a working nuclear weapon at most. The recent discovery that
Saddam is intensifying his search for bomb components
only confirms what the world already knows.

The evidence is clear enough to take to trial, it’s just that the rest of the world would prefer to wait until New York City was a smouldering crater to do anything. That is simply unacceptable. We can not and dare not wait until Saddam strikes first. If Saddam gets a nuclear device, the chances of him using it are simply too high to be acceptable. The only way to defuse the situation is to remove Hussein before he has the chance to finish the development of a nuclear device. Time is not on our side, but common sense is.

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