It looks like President Bush intends to use his September 12 speech to the UN
to hold their feet to the fire on the Iraqi issue
. It appears as though Bush will demand a set timetable for Iraq to comply with unfettered weapons inspections or face military actions.

To expand on my point from the weekend, the brilliance of this move is that it placates demands for international consultation and forces the issue with the UN. The UN is going to be forced into a position where they have to admit that they will not support an Iraqi attack even if Saddam Hussein refuses inspections. If they do that, it will be clear that the UN is willing to throw its own rules out the window in support of a tyrannical regime.

This is the diplomatic equivalent of an old Texas high-noon showdown. Given that Bush is a Texan and a damn good political gunslinger, my money is on the UN shooting itself in the foot.

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