Yet More Electile Dysfunction

You’d think Florida would have learned their lesson after the 2000 debacle. It looks like they didn’t have a clue. Again, we have Broward and Miami-Dade Counties in Florida at the center of another dispute over who really won in a tight election.

Already everyone is saying how the new voting machines failed, how more money is needed, and blaming Jeb Bush for the whole mess. (The typical partisan Democratic response – blame everything on the nearest Republican.)

The problem isn’t the machines, nor is it a lack of money. It’s election officials who don’t have a clue. It’s about people who were either improperly trained, or didn’t bother to pay attention. With all the money spent on election reform, my guess is the latter. When you have a system where the people responsible for maintaining smooth elections are too stupid to do their jobs or just don’t care, this is what you get.

The solution to this isn’t throwing more money on the problem. It’s finding people who are willing to change the system, kick ass and take names, and take personal responsibility for the smooth operation of each and every polling place. Unfortunately, that’s the one solution that’s most likely to remain untried.

One thought on “Yet More Electile Dysfunction

  1. “The typical partisan Democratic response – blame everything on the nearest Republican.”

    “The typical partisan Republican response – blame everything on the nearest Democrat.”

    This is fun 🙂

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