Iraq Backs Down

The Iraqi government has said that it will
allow weapons inspectors to return to Iraq without condition
. The implications of this are not quite yet clear, although I’d put money on this being a last-ditch effort to avoid the inevitable war.

Another theory is that Hussein thinks he can admit the inspectors but keep them from determining the extent of his weapons programs. This is likely – after all, he’s been able to dodge weapons inspectors before.

The worst-case scenario is that Saddam managed to get his hands on a nuclear weapon already, and inspections won’t matter. If this is true, then things are going to get really nasty really quick. Luckily this is the least likely scenario.

No matter what the reason, Iraq has its own motivations for this action. I’m entirely unconvinced that the inspectors will be granted real unfettered access, and regime change will still be the only viable option of removing the threat.

UPDATE: Kofi Annan is praising President Bush for resolving the standoff. In other news, hell has frozen over and a group of flying pigs have been spotted in Iowa…

2 thoughts on “Iraq Backs Down

  1. Hopefully all this will mean is that with any luck, we’ll discover some actual weapons of mass destruction and we’ll have a valid pretext for war. That is, if the UN inspectors aren’t completely inept.

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