LL Cool GOP?

Rapper LL Cool J has come out and endorsed New York Republican George Pataki for governor. This will be the first time he has voted in an election. Said LL Cool J:

Cool J was asked why he was supporting Pataki instead of McCall, who is the first black major-party candidate for governor in New York state.

"It’s not about parties, it’s not about race, it’s not about what’s cool or not cool, it’s about action and it’s about people stepping up," he said.

3 thoughts on “LL Cool GOP?

  1. LL Cool J is a brave and wise man for his support of GOP Governor Pataki. Here is a black rap artist in his mid-30s choosing a Caucasian republican over an African-American democrat. May I say that LL Cool J displays courage for that statement. It’s not common or hip for a young black (or any person of color for that matter) to vote republican, especially when the GOP candidate is running against an African-American democrat. It’s almost automatic for blacks to vote democrat, regardless of the qualifications of the candidate or his/her stand on the issues. That said, LL Cool J is an intelligent, open-minded, independent-thinking individual with a concern more for issues and results than race identity and partiality. LL Cool J is a man that I can truly identify with because I’m also a man of color in his mid-30s and I tend to lean more to the right wing myself. I’m 150% pro-life, pro-business and I don’t have a problem with an individual’s right to own a gun (although I do agree that responsibility should be a priority when it comes to gun ownership). I’m also a supporter of the U.S. military, but I feel that soldiers shouldn’t outstay their welcome in a war. I’m totally for LL Cool J’s decision to vote for Pataki. After all, it’s an individual’s choice to vote for the best man or woman for the job, regardless of race, color, gender or creed.

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