Nightmare Scenario

Eugene Volokh has a chilling look at the future, and not just because it involves Hillary Clinton as the President. What makes this piece especially frightening is that it could well come to pass unless we’re willing to act now to prevent it.

One thought on “Nightmare Scenario

  1. I like that one. Nice and morbid… except for the President Hillary part.. 🙂

    Of course, why would Saddam bother to do such a thing when he could just blow Tehran, Tel Aviv, and Riyahd to hell? It would be much easier for him to take on those cities rather than the US… and his concessions that he was trying to force didn’t seem to unreasonable, especially considering how much I’m beginning to despise Israel. Hmm…

    But that’s not saying that I don’t support a war against Iraq… I just have my own reasons for doing so…

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