Why Not Just Run Tony Soprano?

Dave Kopel has an interesting piece in NRO on why the Democrats efforts to replace Robert Toricelli on the ballot are illegal under New Jersey law. Then again, the partisans of the Democratic Party didn’t care about legal matters when they nominated Torricelli in the first place, and there’s no evidence they care about them now. McGreevy will likely push the state Supreme Court to rewrite the law for partisan advantage and allow another person to run in Torricelli’s stead. Then again, one can always hope that the New Jersey Supreme Court will uphold precendent and prevent the Democrats from subverting the law for political advantage.

One thought on “Why Not Just Run Tony Soprano?

  1. Oh, really! It sounds like you’ve got your facts wrong. It’s perfectly legal to do something like that. Our governor here in South Dakota does things like that all the time.
    Mother (Earth)

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