Defending The Undefendable

The Congressmen who went to Iraq are trying to defend their trip against a torrent of criticism. Bonior and McDermott and their comments in Baghdad are probably going to be political gold for Republicans. All they have to do is play their statement that we should trust Saddam Hussein over our own President and swing voters will likely see it for what it is – two US Congressmen being used as puppets for the Hussein regime.

The two also stated that the Iraqis are ready to fight house-to-house against the Americans. Then again, they haven’t actually had to face us yet. Nor is what the Congressional delegation saw anything more than an Iraqi Potemkin village – the real citizens of Iraq are only loyal to Hussein because if they weren’t the secret police would execute them in the streets. Unfortunately, it looks like Bonior and McDermott chose to believe the lie they were presented.

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