Laws Only Apply To Republicans

Junkyard Blog has what I see as the
best summary of the Torricelli affair
. The Democrats realized that their nomination of such a morally tainted candidate was a horrendous mistake, now they’re trying their utmost to bend the law to correct it. The statutes for elections exist for a reason – to prevent things like this from happening. The ballots have already been printed, the absentee forms have already been mailed, and now the Democrats want to waste taxpayer money to cover their ass for something they did wrong.

If they want Lautenberg’s name on the ballot so damned bad, then they should pay to have the ballots reprinted at their expense.

UPDATE: Well, looks like I spoke too soon. The New Jersey Supreme Court order does make the Democrats pay for the cost of the ballot reprinting. However, there are some other laws that come to play in this case. I’ll post my analysis in a separate entry.

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