Democratic Homophobia

blatantly sick campaign trick in Montana
has got to be one of the most horrendous incidents in recent politics. The people responsible for this ad should be ashamed of their actions.

I thought the Democrats were the party that supported gay rights? If so, why would they allow this group to blatantly use anti-gay sentiment to destroy their political opposition? If the Democrats had any ounce of credibility they would have never run such a disgusting ad.

Then again, we’ve all seen how the Democrats seem to be willing to do anything to win…

UPDATE: Those who want to judge the tastefulness of the ad for themselves can find it here. I think the subtext of this ad is clear…

4 thoughts on “Democratic Homophobia

  1. Or maybe Mike Taylor is a big cry baby, and the Republicans are lying their asses off about the ad…as usual.

    The reason the ad hurt Taylor was because it revealed his student loan scam.

  2. Spare me. Is there any doubt that it’s the Repugs who distributed pro-choice literature outside a Catholic church telling parishioners that Tim Johnson defends your right to choose? Who ran the Jesse Helms white hands ad? Who ran the Willie Horton ad? Whose husband got caught stealing Democratic campaign signs in Florida? God, that’s a good one:

    I think that’s about the right ratio. One Democratic incident for about four Repug ones.

  3. As far as I’m concerned, nothing can justify an ad that clearly attempts to use homophobic sentiment to win a political race. It’s wrong and shameful no matter what the party.

    Attack ads are one thing, but this simply crosses the line.

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