Terror In Paradise

An unkown terrorist organization has
killed at least 182 people
in Bali. Two explosions ripped apart two nightclubs often frequented by foreigners. Many of those killed in the blast were Australian nationals.

While some think that it’s rash to speculate, it seems like the potential involvement of an Islamic fundamentalist organization is one very likely conclusion. This fits the kind of M.O. established by al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups, and the region is known as a place where terrorist groups have been known to be.

This does show the kind of destruction that these groups are willing to inflict upon those who stand in their way. Indonesia is a more progressive Muslim nation that does not engage in the kind of systematic oppression that is all too common in the Arab world. This isn’t a war against Islam, this is a war waged by the West and moderate Muslim states against a dangerous and virulent form of Islamic fundamentalism.

One thought on “Terror In Paradise

  1. I would have to disgaree. The attack was not directed at Indonesia. The bomb went off at a spot frequented by tourists. Many of the dead are Australians and others. See Tim Blair’s web log. This may persuade the Australian government to join the coaltion against the Saddam Hussein regime.

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