The Financial War

The World Tribune states what many have thought: Saudi Arabia is the source of much of al-Qaeda’s finances. Rich Saudi businessmen have been diverting large sums of money to help the terrorist organization operate against American and Western interests across the globe.

There’s another piece of information that’s well worth noting:

U.S. officials have acknowledged that Washington has not obtained sufficient support from EU states against terrorist financiers. They cited the EU’s refusal to deem such groups as Hizbullah or the political wing of Hamas as terrorist organizations. Officials said the EU has also been slow in acting against targets deemed as terrorists.

"We want to engage in a very specific level of information on these targets where we want the European Union to take action," Gurule said. "It goes beyond general statements and requests to specific people and entities we want authorities to act against."

It’s as has been said before: mainland Europe is essentially soft on Islamic terrorism. They’ve made the choice to appease rather than deal with the problem. and their choices to stand against the US on Iraq and other issues are symptomatic of this. It partially comes from Europe’s unassimilated and potentially volitile Muslim populations, but also from a worldview that is antithetical to winning the war against terrorism. American is not acting alone, we have the support of our allies in Britain and Australia, and some like Italy that are on the fence. The time to act against terrorism is now, on the financial front as well as on the battlefield.

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