A Brilliant Metaphor

Steven Greene proves that the married life hasn’t dulled his sharp writing with this brilliant metaphor for civilization and what we should do to protect it.

Civilization remains a fragile, vulnerable, precious thing. And like a pretty girl in a short skirt walking to her car after last call, civilization must sometimes keep her keys splayed out between her knuckles, just in case.

Only we left "just in case" behind over a year ago. Now the pretty girl has to walk back to her car with a flak jacket, a grenade launcher, a GPS designator, and a platoon of Special Forces bad asses with heavy armor on call. With all that extra gear, it’s sometimes hard to remember how good she looks in that skirt, but never forget that civilization is that girl. She’s everything you want, but, through no fault of her own, she’s in serious need of protecting.

Perhaps this is regressive and old-fashioned of me, but I rather like that metaphor.

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