Steven Den Beste has
an analysis of the UN resolution on Iraq
. It’s clear that the problem that France and Russia have is not that the United States isn’t consulting them, or isn’t willing to negotiate. When it comes down to it, all they want is to say no.

However, the reasons behind going into Iraq are sound. Iraq has clearly and consistantly violated the terms of the post-Gulf War surrender agreements. Iraq has fired on coalition aircraft. Iraq has used its resources to pay off the familes of Palestinian suicide bombers. All of these are well-documented and clear justifications for action. Wars have started over far, far less.

This isn’t truly a preemptive attack – Iraq isn’t some country that’s hasn’t done anything to deserve action. It’s an attack that is more than justified.

None of that matters to either France or Russia. However, while they may have veto power in the UN Security Council, they don’t have veto power over our national security. It would have been nice to act in a multilateral and unified manner, but since that’s no longer an action those nations who have sense enough to realize the threat will have to act without those who foolishly do not.

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