The GOP Misses Another Chance?

Quin Hilyer argues that the GOP is blowing this election. It’s quite possible that they are. The GOP isn’t being nearly as forceful on its message, while the Democrats are largely suceeding in painting Republicans as anti-poor extremists.

I’ve been asked why I recommended David Horowitz’s new book by a number of people. This is why.

Republicans seem to be afraid to fight in the political arena. Politics is often a mean and dirty business, but if you want to win you have to be willing to fight smart and fight hard. Too many Republicans think that just because they’re on the right side of the issue that means they’ll win. It just isn’t like that.

Republicans who win are Republicans who don’t back down. Already the GOP is abandoning the idea of Social Security reform because it "scare seniors", despite the fact that it’s wildly popular for a large segment of the voting public. Moreover, it wouldn’t effect senior citizens at all, but would provide today’s workers a much stronger Social Security system. Yet every GOP candidate seems to be backing off from this plan.

You can’t win in retreat. If the GOP wants to carry the conservative message they have to do so boldly. By playing to the Democrats accusations they start the debate by conceding it.

The Republican agenda is largely a positive one for this country. It deserves candidates who are willing to stand for it.

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