The Debate

I just finished listening to the debate between Mondale and Coleman, and I agree with NRO’s Byron York: Coleman trounced Mondale.

Needless to say, the media will probably not spin it that way. Nor will it be likely to have that big effect on the election. It wasn’t a primetime debate, nor was it likely seen by a lot of people. Nor will the media coverage likely show the parts that Coleman shined at. Still, it proved that Coleman can more than hold his own against Mondale.

Had this race gone longer, Coleman’s support would have likely increased even more, especially if he had the time to show more of himself as he did in the debate. However, the polls open tomorrow, and there’s very little time to push the electorate one way or another.

This election will depend on a lot of things: turnout, last-minute changes, and the small amount of undecided voters. It will be unclear who will have the edge perhaps until the last moments of the election and maybe not until long after then. However, those who write off Coleman now would be wise to reconsider – this election is close, and either one can come away with it if they play their cards right.

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