3 thoughts on “Why We’re Winning

  1. come on jay, that’s like kids in pakistan waving pictures of boeing 747’s on september 12. i understand your detestment of terrorists and the like, but atleast have a little taste about it all.

    If you’re gonna criticize some of the more extreme leftists and their “dictatorship of the republican” stuff, you have to wonder where those coments come from when people put up pictures of Predator drones and talk about “Daisy Cutter” bombs being “the surest means of terrorist prevention”.

    I mean, damn, that’s just tasteless big guy.

  2. There’s a huge moral gulf between the US targeting terrorist leaders and blowing up innocent civilians. The al-Qaeda leader killed in Yemen was responsible for the deaths of members of the crew of the USS Cole and had been plotting to indescriminately murder countless US civilians. The world is a small degree safer because of that action. The world isn’t black and white with war always being wrong and pacifism always being right. If we are to have a just society we must be willing to fight for it against all who would seek to destroy it.

  3. Of course, we could have just sent in some black helicopters and carried him off for a nice millitary tribunal… 🙂

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