Ignorance Is Strength…

Andrew Sullivan points to a "peace" protester with a sign
that could be right out of the pages of 1984
. For all the talk about freedom coming from the radical Left, their constant repetition of slogans like "the US is a terrorist state" or "no more blood for oil" are Orwellian to the extreme. Then again, I highly doubt that most of them are capable of understanding the irony of that.

One thought on “Ignorance Is Strength…

  1. Even more Orwellian is our entire “war on terror”- a perpetual “war without end” against an undefined, amorphous enemy. At least the we had a clearly defined enemy during the Cold War…

    Now, I don’t agree with the slogan “the US is a terrorist state”… but there’s quite a bit of truth to the “blood for oil” notion. Bill Maher pointed out, with his characteristic wit, that “If You Ride Alone, You Ride with Bin Laden”- the best way to cut off the terrorist’s financial backing is to quit using their oil.

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